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    An odd one this….

    I was shocked to hear John Fury calling out Mike Tyson.

    However, if this fight were to happen I would hope the sanctioning bodies would ask both fighters to wear protective head guards.

    This won’t be exciting, and I think it would be an anti-climax.

    Any referee would stop this at the first signs of either boxer looking hurt or in trouble given their age. So I would expect this to be over quickly. I don’t know enough about their current fitness levels but to ask either fighter to go over three rounds I think would be a tall order.

    I think John Fury would use his jab to keep Tyson off and Tyson would load up big punches early and thus drain his stamina. If Tyson doesn’t K.O. John Fury in the first three minutes then it’s all John’s to win.

    Verdict: Would edge John Fury for K.O. Win round three.

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